About this server

This City of Heroes private server is meant for testing purposes by the Ouroboros Devevelopment team.

There are 457 registered accounts holding 563 characters.

0 players are online.

Client Download

To download the client an play on the Ouroboros test server:

  1. Download Tequila.exe or CreamSoda.exe
  2. Run it and install into a good location.
  3. Add the manifest to either Cream Soda or Tequila.
  4. Click play and login with the account created above.

ALTERNATE: To use alternative method, please follow these steps:

  1. Create an account to use with the server using this page
  2. Download the i24 beta client from the following magnet.
  3. Download the debug exe from here.
  4. Once the i24 beta client has been downloaded, extract to any location you'd like.
  5. Rename the cityofheroes.exe in the cohbeta folder to cityofheroes.exe.old and copy the new cityofheroes.exe provided separately into the cohbeta folder.
  6. Create a shortcut on the desktop (right click cityofheroes.exe -> send to desktop (create shortcut)
  7. Add the flags that were provided to you to access the test server (right click shortcut -> add flags at the end of target)

Client command line:

 -project coh -auth coh.ourodev.com

Cream Soda/Tequila manifest.xml:


For any issues, please join our Discord

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