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Before you create an account on this server, there's a few things you should know:

  1. Rebirth is a growing server with completely volunteer staff. We do this in our spare time to try to bring back the game to everyone.
  2. Keep conversation civil. Be friendly to one another. Do NOT try to resolve situations by yourself (use /ignore and report as needed). Any form of retaliation may result in penalties being issued to all involved parties (see reporting a problem).
  3. No racial/gender slurs or personal attacks on other users. (This also include any form of derogatory speech based on race, sex, gender, religion, nation of origin, disability, or sexuality. Generally don't be an overt jerk to anyone.) Any form of harassment (whether in-game or Discord) will not be tolerated. If you're generally told to drop it, *drop it*.
  4. Absolutely no political discussion. It always ends badly. (COH is an apolitical game, let's keep it like that. Save personal discourse to DM's.) (This includes, but is not limited to, controversial religious content and in-real life political discussion.)
  5. Any form of impersonation (naming yourself similar to, doctoring photos, etc.) of any Rebirth team member or another person of the COH community will result in a ban.
  6. Spam is bad, umkay. (Keep your message to ONE channel not all of them and space them out. Violations may be banned on site, no questions asked or chance of return.)
  7. Arguing with staff publicly, creating or stirring up the server and drama is not tolerated.
  8. Real money trading (RMT) is disallowed. Any form of selling any in-game good or service is grounds for your account to be banned from the server.
  9. Any form of harassment (whether in /broadcast, /tells, etc.) is not tolerated. If you're going above and beyond to be an ass, and it's reported, your game account may be suspended or banned.
  10. Multiboxing (or using one or more machines to play on the game server at one time) will be allowed at the sysadmin's discretion. (If it's causing the servers to lag or for performance to suffer for others, GMs reserve the right to kick for such reason. Any attempt to get around this kick will result in the multi account and the "main" account to be banned.)
  11. Making new accounts to avert kicks or bans will result in permanent bans from the game server (and where applicable, from the COH Discord server.)
  12. Taking advantage of a bug is bad. If you discover a bug inadvertently, please report it to our Discord by using the steps below. If it can be repeated, and isn't already a known bug, the admins of the server will grant you the elusive "Bug Hunter" badge.

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